All Season Fishing Temagami Vacation - Fish Temagami and Marten River Area Lakes Enjoy a Great Holiday Getaways


All Season Fishing Temagami Vacation - Fish Temagami and Marten River Area Lakes Enjoy a Great Holiday Getaways

Join us for a Fishing Temagami Vacation - Temagami and Marten River is the ideal vacation destination in Canada for some great Canadian Fishing.

Temagami perch fishing -  Fishing for perch in Temagami area lakes
Temagami Perch Fishing in Ontario

Temagami Perch Fishing - Fishing for Perch in Temagami Area Lakes

Yellow Perch Fishing in Temagami - Perch fishing is fun and simple for Temagami anglers. Perch are aggressive biters and can be caught at any time of the year although, during the spring, they are especially aggressive and abundant. Jumbo perch fishing is exciting and no fancy fishing equipment needed to catch them. They can be found in so many areas of Angus Lake and other Temagami and Marten River lakes that it makes them somewhat easy prey. Good places to catch perch are under docks, in breakwaters, bay mouths or clear spots just outside weed beds. Holes in a bed of Lily pads are especially appealing to perch. Generally, perch can be found in less than 15 feet of water but more often than not they dwell in 5 to 6 feet. However, they can be caught in 50 feet of water as well you just never know when a perch might show up on your line. Remember that although perch are a schooling fish they are also migratory fish so they will move around quite a bit. It is not uncommon to go 15 minutes without a bite, and then have fast and furious action for 15 minutes, then as quickly as they moved in, the perch are gone again. I have heard some anglers say that Temagami Lakes ranks as one of the good jumbo perch fisheries in the area.

This tasty panfish is everywhere. Whether you like to relax in a boat fishing with the family on a hot sunny day, or gaze through a hole in the ice waiting for another big one, Ontario's perch fishing is second to none. Yellow perch average 6-8 inches in many of the smaller water bodies; in larger lakes jumbos in the 11-13 inch range are plentiful.

Yellow Perch Ontario Record 2.25 lbs.

Gramps Place Bait and Tackel
Gramps Place Temagami Fishing Bait and Tackle is just 3 minutes from our resort.

Temagami Fishing Kids Fishing Photos

Temagami perch fishing -  Fishing for perch in Temagami area lakes
Temagami perch fishing - Fishing for perch in Temagami area lakes for the whole family.
As a cousin of the walleye their popularity stems from their reputation as excellent eating.

Temagami perch fishing -  Fishing for perch in Temagami area lakes
Temagami perch fishing - Fishing for perch in Temagami and area lakes.

Perch Fishing Tips

Perch fishing I prefer to use a size 8, red or fluorescent hook tipped with a crawler, wax worm or very small minnow. I will also use small jigs, normally about 1/32 oz., tipped with the above mentioned live baits or with red, white or fluorescent twister tails or green, pink or fluorescent tube jig bodies. The basic idea is that added flash and/or color will attract fish from further away. Once they get close enough they will see the real bait. When you do catch a perch, pay particular attention to the area and more importantly the depth you caught it at. Perch will often suspend at a certain depth based upon water temperature.

See more Temagami perch fishing pictures here.

Fishing Regulations - Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources - Ice Fishing

Hut Registration Ice fishing huts must be registered with the local MNR office if they are on any of the following waters:

Hut Removal Dates Ice fishing huts must be removed by the following dates:

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Canadian Fishing

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Fishing Canada

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Fishing Ontario

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Ontario Fishing Net

  Fishing Temagami in Ontario
The Temagami and Marten River area is blessed with access to many lakes, streams and rivers in northeastern Ontario.

  Fish in Ontario ice fishing and ice fish hut operators
Fish in Ontario Ice Fishing

  Let's Go Fishing in Ontario
Let's Go Fishing

  Temagami ice fishing in Ontario
Temagami Ice Fishing

  Ontario ice fishing
Ontario Ice Fishing

Temagami ice fishing in Ontario
Temagami Ice Fishing
Remote Lakes

Dawson Resort Fishing Manitoulin Island in Ontario
Dawson Resort Fishing Manitoulin Island in Ontario

Whether you want to fish from shore or with a guide to a hidden place on one of our Temagami remote lakes, you will have memories that you will treasure forever.

vacation temagamiontario canada

Anglers can bring their own boat and fishing equipment, or rent it in Temagami.
Local guides and outfitters are available to take you to where the fish are.

  Fishing in Ontario Fishing in Ontario Fishing in Ontario Fishing in Ontario Fishing in Ontario Fishing in Ontario  

Lake Temagami - Lake Tomiko - Marten River - Red Cedar Lake Fishing in Ontario

Lake Temagami is only one of many lakes in the Temagami & Marten River area. Cross Lake, Diamond Lake, Lady Evelyn, Cassels Lake, Herridge Lake, Wickstead Lake, Angus Lake, Net Lake, Ingall Lake, Jumping Caribou Lake, James Lake, and many more have so much fishing to offer.

Fishing in Lake Temagami: Most of the surrounding lakes have a combination of lake trout, walleye (pickerel), smallmouth bass, northern pike and whitefish. Splake, rainbow trout and speckled trout will also be found in some lakes and rivers. While the lake trout and walleye fisheries have attracted the attention of anglers throughout the world, less attention has been paid to bass, pike and whitefish. These species provide excellent fishing and are growing with popularity.

Here is a list of Ontario fishing lakes.

This is a list of lakes in Ontario. Lake Abitibi Agnew Lake Ahmic Lake Allumette Lake Angus Lake Attawapiskat Lake Balsam Lake Bamaji Lake Bark Lake Lake Bernard Big Rideau Lake Big Trout Lake Birch Lake Black Lake Bobs Lake Buckhorn Lake Caribou Lake Cat Lake Chandos Lake Charleston Lake Clearwater Lake Lac Des Chats Lake Couchiching Dog Lake Eabamet Lake Eagle Lake Lake Erie Esnagi Lake Lake Gibson Gibson Lake Golden Lake Gullrock Lake Holden Lake Jumping Caribou Lake Lake Huron Lake Joseph Kabinakagami Lake Lake Kagawong Kesagami Lake Lac des Mille Lacs Lady Evelyn Lake Lake of Bays Lake of the Woods Little Sachigo Lake Limerick Lake Long Lake MacDowell Lake Mameigwess Lake Lake Manitou Marmion Lake Marten Lake Lake Mindemoya Minnitaki Lake Missisa Lake Mojikit Lake Lake Muskoka Night Hawk Lake Lake Nipigon Lake Nipissing North Caribou Lake Lake Nosbonsing Nungesser Lake Lake Ogoki Onaman Lake Lake Ontario Opeongo Lake Ozhiski Lake Lake Panache Peninsula Lake Pierce Lake Pigeon Lake Rainy Lake Rice Lake Lake Rosseau Round Lake Sachigo Lake Lake Saint Clair Sand Lake Sandy Lake Savant Lake Lake Scugog Seseganaga Lake Lac Seul Severn Lake Shibogama Lake Shoal Lake Lake Simcoe Smoothrock Lake Steel Lake Lake St. Joseph Stony Lake Sturgeon Lake Lake Superior Lake Temagami Tetu Lake Lake Timiskaming Trout Lake Umfreville Lake Wabigoon Lake White Otter Lake Wanapitei Lake Wapikopa Lake Weagomow Lake White Lake Whiteclay Lake Whitewater Lake Windermere Lake Windigo Lake Winisk Lake Lake Wolsey Wunnummin Lake

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