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2 Nights stay/ 2 days fishing, 5 meals, transportation to/from hut, propane heated hut, bait


Lakewood Cabin Court Angus Lake Temagami (Yesterday) 1945

Choosing the Perfect Portable Ice-Fishing

Hut Ice-fishing has grown tremendously over the years, with new innovations and designs that allow anglers to fish more effectively, while also providing increased comfort and mobility. One such invention is the portable fish hut. Read on to get the right one for you.

Portable huts are certainly the wave of the future when it comes to ice-fishing. Anglers can now experience mobility, warmth and comfort - three things that equal success when drilling through the hard water this winter.

Temagami Ice Hut Operator - Ice Fishing Temagami Lakes!

Rabbit Lake Ice Fishing Temagami

Check out ice fishing Temagami on ice bungalows and huts. Enjoy a successful day on the ice in Temagami northern Ontario.

Ice fishing for lake trout, walleye, bass, northern pike, perch and whitefish. ... Enjoy a successful day on the ice in northern Ontario. Back lake ice fishing in ...

Temagami Ice Fishing Hut Operators

The Largest Fishing Tackle Shop North of North Bay

Fishing Tackle & Bait, Ice, Maps, Gas & Oil, Canoe Rentals, Ice Cream, Hunting & Fishing License, Propane Tank Exchange and Filling Station. Temagami, Ontario

Full Line of Fishing Tackle in Temagami

Temagami Fishing Tackle

Temagami's Tackle is a Canadian supplier of fishing tackle and related items. We are located in Temagami, Ontario, Canada. Temagami's Tackle is a stocking supplier for over 100 fishing tackle manufacturers, most of which we import directly from their U.S. location.

Temagami's Tackle sells supplies tackle to many tackle shop owners and resorts, lodges, large and small, from across Ontario.

Temagami's Tackle boasts of allowing their customers to earn the most aggressive volume discounts in the wholesale fishing tackle industry. Temagami's Tackle ship tackle to their customers via courier or postal service. We accept Visa and MasterCard for payment.


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Planning a family fishing vacation? Looking for a destination with a family resorts that has fun sports and activities for the whole family, Here is one of the most popular fishing destinations in Temagami for families to unwind and relax:

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Lew-Del Lodge on Angus Lake 1940's

Portable Ice Fishing Hut

Another advantage a portable ice fishing hut gives you is a better chance to catch a variety of fish. Catch walleye at your favorite spot in the morning. Land some trophy pike in the afternoon. And go get some rainbow as the sun goes down. A portable ice fishing house gives you flexibility and warmth that other on-ice strategies do not.

Big Ed's Trout Lake Bait
3791 Trout Lake Road
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We at OntarioFishing use Big Ed's Trout Lake Bait for all our supplies in the North Bay area.

Gramps Place
4825 Hwy # 11 North Angus Lake
Temagami Ontario P0H 2H0 Canada

We use Gramps Place For all our supplies in Temagami

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1 Whitewood Ave.
New Liskeard, P0J 1P0 Canada
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John's Tackle

Northern Ontario's outdoor lifestyle store -- fishing tackle, camping and hiking gear, hunting supplies.

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