All of the information you need to start fishing in Temagami Ontario - some of the best fresh water fishing anywhere in the world! From northern pike, to walleye, smallmouth bass and speckled trout - in lakes, rivers, or streams

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vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada
vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

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If your looking for some great fishing, stop here and have a look! When it comes to fishing, Ravenscroft Fishing Resort is open year around — offering our comfortable, clean, well equipped and affordable cottages. Fish, swim or canoe Jumping Caribou Lake, explore one of the many area lakes, or fly-in to other Temagami lakes, as an affordable fishing package, it should not be missed!

Anglers will enjoy a visit to the Temagami area, there are numerous lakes hidden away in the forests that are rarely fished. Rankin Lake near Rabbit Lake road, set in the Nipissing Crown Game Preserve, contains northern pike, walleye and bass it is popular with anglers because it contains excellent pike and bass. Moosehead Lake, also in the Nipissing Crown Game Preserve has excellent fishing for walleye, perch, pike and smallmouth bass. Canoe Lake is an excellent location for a campsite, the lake has a bountiful supply of walleye and northern pike. Upper Redwater and Lower Redwater are bass and pike lakes. Boyce Lake has superb angling for Lake Trout and walleye in a perfect setting for tents. Here you have pike, bass and walleye angling.

Fishing our lakes and rivers, one can only be impressed with the quality of the water and the rewarding variety and quantity of fish.


14.75 lbs lake Trout


2 pikes in 10 minutes. .. .  .

All Season Fishing Vacation - Fish Temagami and Marten River Area Lakes Enjoy a Great Holiday Getaways

Join us for a Vacation in Temagami and Marten River the ideal destination in Canada for some great Canadian Fishing.

Peter's first Bass! looks good Peter, catch some more!


Very nice catch. . .

Fishermen from across Canada and the United States come to northern Ontario to enjoy the many sheltered lakes of the Marten River and Temagami areas. In this tranquil setting enjoy relaxation and good fishing in the Temagami lakes and a delicious shore lunch!

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« « Temagami Fishing in Ontario » »

Jumping Caribou Lake is located south of the town of Temagami and is famous for its outstanding fishing for nearly all species. Angler's will find trout and white fish in addition to excellent bass fishing, walleye fishing, perch and pike in this healthy Temagami lake.

Waha Lake: We'll let you in on a well kept secret; Waha Lake offers great Temagami fishing opportunities! The lake receives relatively little fishing pressure due to its proximity to well known fisheries and its largely undeveloped shoreline. Primarily walleye, anglers will find great northern, bass and fantastic panfish just waiting for your hook!

Rabbit Lake: When talk turns to walleye fishing in Temagami, few lakes enjoy the reputation Rabbit Lake has as one of Temagami's premier walleye fishing lakes. Rabbit Lake offers great fishing for walleye, northern pike, bass, perch and panfish.

Lake Temagami is irregularly shaped with long north, northeast and southwest arms, shorter northwest and southern arms with several smaller bays. Lake Temagami is approximately 52,448 acres with a maximum depth of 363 feet. The median depth is 60 feet with a good variety of bottom structure. The town of Temagami is located at the end of the northeast arm of the lake. It extends almost 50 km from north to south and about 35 km from east to west. There are approximately 1259 islands, the largest of which is Temagami Island. The lake's outflow is the Temagami River which in turn flows into the Sturgeon River. Lake Temagami and its surrounding lakes provide endless opportunities for fishing. It harbors a large variety of species for the serious and recreational angler. Good numbers of walleye, perch, bass, northern pike and pan fish can be found.

For more information on Temagami fishing waters check out these helpful links:

Ontario Fishing Net » » » » All Season Fishing in Ontario Canada › Resorts Lodges Camps and Outfitters. - Ontario Fishing Vacation - Ontario is the ideal vacation destination in Canada for some great Canadian Fishing.

Temagami Fly-in Fishing Adventure » » » » Are you looking for a Temagami wilderness fly-in fishing adventure that is different from your typical fishing lodge? Are you interested in checking out the evening bite for big hungry bass? Do you like catching big northerns? Is this some of what you have in mind when you think of fishing in Ontario? Finally, a Temagami wilderness fishing adventure that has it right! We are the lodge alternative.

The Ministry of Natural Resources Let's Fish Ontario! web site. Here you will find everything you need to know about getting your fishing licence and fishing regulations. You'll also find information about our management programs, fish identification, conservation officers and much more.

Fishing in Ontario, one the world's leading freshwater fishing destinations. Fishing in Ontario offers the greatest variety of freshwater fishing adventures in Canada. Fishing is a lifetime leisure sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from all walks of life. Ontario boasts more than 400,000 lakes, rivers and streams that comprise 15 per cent of the world's freshwater. These Canadian bodies of water are full of Canada's most desirable freshwater fish. Our abundant water resources provide home and habitat for a wide variety of freshwater fish species. Over 50 different species of game and panfish provide anglers with plenty of fishing opportunities. Smallmouth and largemouth bass, walleye, trout, salmon, northern pike, muskellunge, yellow perch and crappie are just a few of the more popular fish species available in Ontario lakes.

temagami fishing temagami

Make the time and take a child fishing.

temagami fishing temagami
How about a one day guided Temagami fishing trip in one of our back lakes.

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44lb Temagami Lake Trout - Monster Lake Trout Caught in Lake Temagami

Black Crappie Fishing - Once found only in certain limited waterbodies in southern and northwestern Ontario, the black crappie's range is now spreading faster than any other fish species in the province.

Gramps Place Angus Lake Temagami - Temagami Fishing Yesterday! Temagami's Tackle sells supplies tackle to many tackle shop owners and resorts, lodges, large and small, from across Ontario.

Kids Album Fishing in Temagami - Temagami Fishing Kids Fishing Photos

Manitoulin Chinook Salmon Fishing - Manitoulin Island Chinook Salmon Fishing

Muskellunge Fishing

Muskie Fishing - Lake Nosbonsing offers the fisherman almost any type of fishing he may desire.

Temagami Bait Company - The Temagami bait shop is located south of the town of Temagami.

Temagami Bait Tackle - Fishing tackle is equipment you use to get live or artificial bait into the water, dangling in front of the fish.

Temagami Brook Trout Fishing - Fishing for Brook Trout in Temagami Area Lakes

Temagami Fishing Lakes - Planning a Temagami family fishing vacation?

Temagami-Icefishing Vacation - Looking for a Temagami fishing weekend away and great ice fishing?

Got the urge to fish? - Try our Temagami Ice Fishing Resort!

How About Some Awesome Ice Fishing? - Ice fishing at Ravenscroft Cottage Resort on Jumping Caribou Lake is something you won't want to miss.

Temagami Winter Ice Fishing Hut Rentals - The winter at Ravenscroft Cottage Resort offers full-service Temagami ice fishing vacations including lodging, heated fish hut rentals and plowed ice roads.

For anyone who is serious about fishing, - Temagami is at the top of the list of fishing destinations. And even though most anglers only think of Temagami during the warmer months, think again. All those fish are still here in the winter.

Temagami Ice Fishing Huts - Once you've found a suitable amount of ice covering your favorite lake or pond, about four to six inches is a good rule of thumb, the rest is surprisingly simple.

Temagami Spring Summer Fall and Winter Fishing - We offer what you have been looking for - comfortable accommodation, great fishing and a memorable adventure - and you will like our prices too!

Did your Dad teach you how to fish? - Teaching your kids how to fish can be a very rewarding vacation expenses.

The look on the kids faces - A Temagami fishing trip can be a great opportunity for children to see the Temagami Lakes while gaining a meaningful life experience.

Our Temagami fishing resort is located on Jumping Caribou lake - Jumping Caribou Lake offers something fun for everyone from great Temagami fishing to boating. Jumping Caribou Lake is 4 miles long and has walleye, northern, bass and pan fish.

FAMILY FISH TRIP - If you enjoy catching walleye or smallmouth bass, check out our new Temagami fishing packages.

Take a Kid fishing - A day on Jumping Caribou Lake can improve the bond between parent and kid or make you the hero. Fishing builds self-esteem, independence, responsibility and decision-making.

TEMAGAMI SUMMER FISHING - Jumping Caribou Lake is an excellent family fishing lake with varying depths, weed beds, islands, and about 10 miles of shoreline.

One of the finest Temagami fishing lakes- If you are looking for a Temagami weekend retreat or a fishing vacation on the lake, look no further.

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada
vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

Vacation Cottage Rentals in Temagami Ontario vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canadaVacation Ontario Canada vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

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At Ravenscroft Cottage Resort and Vacation Rentals, we offer housekeeping holiday cottages and vacation rentals along the shores of Jumping Caribou Lake in Temagami. Our Ontario cottages, vacation rentals, cabin rentals range from cozy lake front cottages to remote cabins in the center of Temagami’s vacation district.

Join us in Temagami, known for its spectacular sunsets, northern lights, friendly folk and great fishing. Whether it’s adventure travel or a peaceful holiday at a lakeside getaway, Ravenscroft Cottage Resort can help you find the perfect accommodation in Temagami Ontario.

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